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Unleash Your Inner Artist with Simple Art Designs

Whether you want to unwind with a tranquil painting session on your own or host a lively art night with friends, our user-friendly art kits ensure a seamless and pleasurable experience. Choose Your Inspiration Explore a selection of captivating artwork designs crafted to cater to a wide range of preferences. 

A Printable TRACER

Perfectly crafted to guide you through the painting process with ease. Simply print and trace onto your canvas.

A High-Resolution Image

A clear and detailed reference image of your chosen design to suggest a style of colour design.

AN Instructional Video

A video that walks you through the creation process, offering tips and techniques to help you achieve a professional finish.

Perfect for Any Occasion Solo Sessions: Indulge in a therapeutic painting session, perfect for unwinding after a long day.

Group Gatherings: Host a creative night with friends, complete with a few drinks and lots of laughs.

Easy Made Art Designs are the perfect way to explore your creativity, relax, and have fun. Download any of our designs today and start painting!